Are you building a house or building and need to visualize it in real time?  Neuroplastic Studios is a qualified team of architects dedicated to creatively transforming your ideas into photo-realistic 3D models.  Our highly-skilled team of architectural illustrators are experts in their respective fields, from artistic to creative 3D illustration, presentations, or animations of your CAD plans.  Everything in 3D begins from a blue print, sketch or design.  Your plan could be brought to life as a walk-through animation, illustration, or photo-realistic 3D rendering.

With a wide range of international clients, from private real estate developers to large industrial corporations, Neuroplastic Studios provides interior and exterior 3D renderings for projects both large and small.  Our high-quality architectural presentations, renderings, animations, fast and efficient service, and reasonable prices— will impress you and your clients.


Interior Renderings: Interior renderings are perfect for visually relating internal design elements.  Our 3D rendering services allow you to view all angles of your interior design layout, and test your placement of lighting or furniture.  Are you wanting to pre-sell units, but have no idea how to design the furniture layout? We offer developer templates for purpose-designed furniture styles.  Interior renderings are also useful for creating advertising brochures, and selling a clear vision to clients.

Exterior Renderings: External architecture renderings are a great way to showcase your product prior to construction.  They not only demonstrate how your building will appear in a striking way, but also demonstrate how people will interact with your building in real life.  Renderings help visualize features that may be lost in 2D drawings, and provide a dynamic overview of the property.  We can transform your sketches and blueprints into three-dimensional photo-realistic images that can be scaled to suit advertising and presentation boards.

Animated Walk-Throughs: Animations take 3D rendering to a whole new level.  Animations can add flair to your presentation, allowing you to show all aspects of your upcoming project smoothly and quickly, and are especially effective when demonstrating how a building will interact with other buildings within it’s neighborhood.  A beautiful 3D animation can take your audience from the street, through the entire building in a few short minutes, providing a virtual, dynamic tour that will surely impress.

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