Music Videos

Our animation team creates everything from characters, environments, wardrobe, simulations, and rendering.  We offer a unique personality and fresh aesthetic to your brand’s visual identity.  Having animation, modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, and compositing handled by one unified studio ensures brand continuity and phenomenal quality, delivered where and when you need it the most.

Here is a list of music videos our agency has provided VFX and 3D animation for.  For information about your music video please contact us in the booking section.

Normani – “Motivation” (3D Animated)
MTV and Marvel animation director Noah Sterling reached out to us to create a 3D animated version of Normani’s iconic performance at the MTV video awards. The treatment was to make a 3D animated version of Normani singing and dancing with robotic versions of herself while watching her MTV performance on TV’s from a robot factory. It hit 300k views in the first week.

Foogiano – 6 Months (Feat. Pooh Shiesty)
Atlantic Records and 1017 Records reached out to us with an interesting propostion. How do we release a hype track from two of Gucci Mane’s biggest new label co-signs while both of them are serving prison time? Foogiano would be getting out of prison in six months and this song commemorates both of them together escaping jail Shawshank Redemption style. 3D animation was the key here. On a tight deadline until the song dropped we worked tirelessly with co-director ABG VFX in Atlanta to produce this visual for his audience. It hit 1.3m views in 2 months, and 300k views in the first 4 days. It also trended on Youtube music top 20 for the first day.

Pitt Tha Kid, Lil Wayne, Taleban Dooda – Run
Pitt Tha Kid from Toronto Canada is a music producer who’s produced for a huge amount of artists. He had a song with features from Lil Wayne and Taleban Dooda and wanted a godzilla type show down story.

Denza & Retrospect – Define
Commissioned by the legendary dutch hardstyle label Dirtyworkz, we went on to script a story of both Denza and Retrospect producing records in their studio, driving through the Dutch forest to play at a massive music festival with fans everywhere, then hitting an afterparty at the end. We were excited to get to work with some EDM artists because we love that genre as well.

OG2D NFT Commercial
This commercial was commissioned by OG2D the NFT Marketplace. Our goal here was to build a space station displaying tonnes of NFT’s and physical collectibles that users can come and purchase with the crypto Visa payment credit card.

Souljaboy – Stove
Souljaboy saw our portfolio on Instagram and reached out asking if we could make him an animated visualizer for his song “Stove”. We quickly put together a two level concept and rendered it out for him. He gave us a direct shoutout on his Instagram which got Ray J and Jay Electronica to follow us, as well as connected us to MTV. The video got 300k hits on Instagram in the first 2 days, and 30k on youtube. He has since removed many videos off his Youtube but this is the original copy that he posted.

Elko – You’re Feeling The Same Things
Canadian singer Elko in partnership with Canadian FACTOR grant commissioned a music video about him in a futuristic Toronto doing a bankheist for his girlfriend.  The video was scripted and fully rendered in Cinema 4D Octane.

Roywood$ – Something New
Drake’s label Octobers Very Own commissioned us alongside director Elliot Clancy Osberg and VFX artist Kareem King to VFX and 3D animate footage into a black void spacey type adventure. This video had a total staff of about 40 people and about 6 people working in post for a few months to deliver it.

Nue – Nightfall
This was one of our first videos commissioned by Lior Cohen’s 300 Entertainment music label. We animated the backgrounds, did some basic vfx, green screen editing, and some trippy animated strippers to go alongside his video.

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