Our Agency


Based in Toronto, Canada, Neuroplastic Studios is a boutique animation studio optimized to take clients from initial concept to a final product of their wildest dreams. We specialize in 3D animation, including storyboarding, modelling, rendering, editing, and post-production.  As a fully integrated studio under one roof, there is no need to hire additional staff or any task. We will become your staff and ensure your project is delivered at the highest quality.


With music video budgets shrinking year-by-year, pandemics shutting down film sets, and humanity progressing  into an increasingly digitized age; there has never been greater demand for 3D animation.

Our studio was founded out of the raw necessity to execute creative ideas on shoe-string budgets; with very little time and staff. Animation historically has been one of the most labor intensive art forms. Production studios would resemble more of a factory floor than a place of free artistic expression. Our studio’s goal was to provide technical solutions to the artistic problems of our clients. Want to film your music video in space? Have an old school cowboy Western shoot-out? Do you need to feature somebody who’s dead or in prison? We can sprinkle our studio magic to make all of those shots happen for a fraction of the resources required to film that in real life.

Did your video shoot get cancelled due to a hurricane? Does the song need to be launched no matter what, but there’s no time to fly in all the talent for it? We’ll rescue the project and present your audience a stylish, fun alternative that fans of all ages can enjoy. You’ll get to customize your wardrobe, environments, and story as well too.

Are you camera shy and don’t want to be in your own video? Do you want your artist avatar to be a purple rhino? With animation, the only limit is your imagination, making the possibilities endless. Contact us directly for your free consultation today.  If you can dream it, we can build it for you.