How do you price out videos?
Video budgets are based on the number of customed characters x character actions x environment design x editing x customer service. As you can see that’s a lot of variables, I just tell people to be prepared to spend thousands if your idea is complicated. This stuff is like programming; it’s a lot of tedious work.

How do I know I will like the final result?
We do an extremely long approval process and that’s 50% of what you’re paying for. You’re paying for communication and customer service that way we’re building it exactly as you want within the limits of the software. We can’t do literally anything but we will do everything that’s possible.

I thought animation is supposed to be cheaper than filming it?
This is almost never true. Animation is usually always more expensive than filming it. That’s why Pixar films always require massive budgets and you rarely see independent low budget animation films being cheaper than filmed indie films. The only situation where it’s cheaper is if this is a low budget indie film and we’re trying to animate it for even less by scripting it to be easy to animate. If you need more information on that process please speak to us first we can storyboard it like an anime to reduce complexity.

Will you guys literally animate anything?
We mostly do music videos but because that skillset is so wide we’re able to offer services in other corporate areas such as engineering, medical, NFT’s, product design etc. Most of the medical clients who book us select us to do story based medical videos versus hardcore Houdini simulation blood transfusion videos etc. If your video requires basic character animation, some story telling, environments etc, we’re good at that. All in all though if you got an idea or a commercial or something please contact us for a free consultation. It never hurts just to get an idea of what’s possible in the software.

How big is your studio?
Our studio is in the under 5 employee range and that’s why we’re able to take on the lower budget productions that the bigger studios won’t even consider. We are somewhere above the really small cheap studio prices but well underneath major animation studios that start at $50K a project.

Why are your prices so expensive?
They’re honestly not. The average cost for animation in the US is $3000USD a minute. I know there are a lot of vendors on freelance sites that say they do it for cheaper but please examine their quality. We’re actually very competitively priced for the level of customization and quality we deliver.

Do you do free collaborations?
Honestly no, we’ve worked with some high profile people who still pay us market rate. If you’re super famous and want a slight discount for shouting us out or doing a bulk rate of videos; we can discuss that, but we’re definitely too busy to work for free.

Where is your studio located?
Our studio is in Toronto, Canada, which is nicknamed Hollywood North because they shoot a tonne of blockbuster films, videogames, and do VFX here. Star Trek, Pacific Rim, Ad Astra, a tonne of CGI movies are all done here due to Canadian film tax break laws. It’s a good place to be! We do not outsource to less developed countries to reduce cost. We reduce cost by keeping our overhead low, and offering software solutions to automate processes so we can still deliver for our customers without a major studio budget. This is how this studio has been able to consistently deliver quality for half a decade now. We’re also in NAFTA so we’re fully legally accountable for the work we deliver. We work with a lot of clients who come to us as their second choice after their first studio ran off with their money in a country outside of NAFTA. Rest assured, we’re in Toronto if you want to meet us in person we’re happy to meet you. If it’s a really big budget we’ll even fly to meet you anywhere you want.

Do you make NFT’s?
Yes we will build anything 3D related you may want as long as you have a budget and it’s within our technical wheelhouse.

Can you animate me a video similar to Starwars or Pixar?
No, their studio has 10 000 employees. Our staff is less than 5. If you have a $300M budget to spend on a movie I recommend getting on google and hiring a much larger company to deliver your frames. Our studio is a boutique studio for clients with smaller budgets that still need it to look good. If you send us a reference video from a major studio like Blur or Weta and tell us that you absolutely require that quality, we recommend you contact a studio with at least 100 people to fulfill a delivery like that.

Can you copy this animated video I found on Youtube?
If that video was done by a small animation team yes. If it was done by Pixar or something no, if you want a Pixar quality video you need to go contact a studio of that size and have that level of budget. We are not Pixar we are a small studio.

Do you have testimonials to show you’re legit?

Yes we have a lot of testimonials, we even have testimonials from police officers just to show how legit we are as an online vendor.

“Working with Neuroplastic Studios was absolutely fantastic. I had a short film with a very quick turnaround and needed some high level VFX and they were able to get it done quick and better than I could ever imagine. It really elevated the final version of my project and I am so grateful that I ended up working with them. Highly recommend!”
– Nic Stanich, Scooter Braun Projects, Los Angeles

“Working with Eric and Neuroplastic Studios has a been an awesome experience, great creative collaboration and top quality work! I was blown away by level of detail and care taken on all the shots, Thanks!”
– Ethan Maniquis, Director of Machete and Editor for Sin City, Los Angeles

“I have had the pleasure of working with Eric on a complex 3D animation project for our new product. Eric was instrumental in creating and enhancing our vision and bringing it to life. Eric was patient, diligent, detail oriented, creative and really went above and beyond our requirements to make the final product work for us. This project is a for a very worthy cause and I was glad to have Eric on board with us. I will gladly recommend and in the future enlist Eric’s talents again!”
– Nick Toussi, Sentry Systems, Inc. Boston, Massachusetts

“I had the pleasure to work with Eric for a video we needed at Soundhouse Promotions. I must say his knowledge and professionalism is outstanding when it comes to producing a video we needed for our company. I wouldn’t hestitate to hire Eric and Neuroplastic Studios again for any of our video production needs. He’s a 10 out of 10. Thank you Eric for the great job!”
– Richard A Bertuglia, President, Co-Founder, Soundhouse Promotions Inc USA, San Diego

“Eric was commissioned for my real estate company. Eric did an exceptional job and was always on time with any commitment he made to our company. We will continue to use Eric as a part of our marketing team. Best Wishes Eric!”
– Clifford Lynch, Real Estate Developer, San Fransisco

Eric was given this project with a short deadline to complete. Eric was very knowledgeable about what I was looking for. He was able to to put a great video together. The only work I had to do was send over pictures and videos. I would recommend Eric to anyone or any business.
– Officer Derrick Doyle, East Point Police Department, Florida