Do you need a 3D video animated? A house or construction project rendered photo-realistically?  Need VFX or 3D CGI integrated into your video? No problem. Our agency offers comprehensive solutions to get your job done exactly as you envision it.

– 3D Music Videos and Animation
– Architecture Visualization Walkthroughs / House Building Space Interior Plans / Renderings
– VFX for films, documentaries, movies, and commercials
– Motion graphics for businesses
– 3D Modelling / Models
– Character Rigging and Weighting / Motion Capture Mocap
– Rotoscope
– Corporate Explainer / Whiteboard videos for businesses
– 3D CAD Engineer
– Medical Demonstrations
– Graphic Design, Album Art, Logo Design, Anime, Illustration, Comics, Book Cover, Manga, Cartoons, Portraits, Caricature
– Photo Editing and Retouching
– Video Editing and Introduction Videos

Our agency has worked for labels such as Sony, OVO, and 300 Entertainment and strives to bring our clients the highest quality products delivered in a timely manner.  Please contact us under bookings, email us at, or call Eric at (1647) 996-7480 to discuss the needs of your project.