“Working with Neuroplastic Studios was absolutely fantastic. I had a short film with a very quick turnaround and needed some high level VFX and they were able to get it done quick and better than I could ever imagine. It really elevated the final version of my project and I am so grateful that I ended up working with them. Highly recommend!”
– Nic Stanich – Scooter Braun Projects, Los Angeles

Neuroplastic Studios is a Toronto-based animation studio specializing in music videos, architecture, medical, and engineering animations for high profile clients such as Sony, Scooter Braun, OVO, and 300 Entertainment.  Our agency offers comprehensive video solutions to get your job done exactly as you envision it.

– 3D / 2D Music Video Animation
– Architecture Visualization Walkthroughs / House Building Space Interior Plans / Renderings
– Medical Demonstrations / 3D Product Assembly
– Corporate Explainer / Whiteboard, Motion Graphics videos for businesses
– VFX for films, documentaries, movies, and commercials, Rotoscoping
– Video Editing and Introduction Videos
– 3D CAD Engineer, 3D Modelling / Models
– Character Rigging and Weighting / Motion Capture Mocap
– Graphic Design, Album Art, Logo Design, Anime, Illustration, Comics, Book Cover, Manga, Cartoons, Portraits, Caricature, Story Board, Photo Editing and Retouching
– Sound Engineer Design and Podcast Editing

E-mail us at staff@systematicfashion.com or call Eric at (1647) 996-7480




“I had the pleasure to work with Eric for a video we needed at Soundhouse Promotions. I must say his knowledge and professionalism is outstanding when it comes to producing a video we needed for our company. I wouldn’t hestitate to hire Eric and Neuroplastic Studios again for any of our video production needs. He’s a 10 out of 10. Thank you Eric for the great job!”
– Richard A Bertuglia, President, Co-Founder, Soundhouse Promotions Inc USA, San Diego

“Eric was commissioned for my real estate company. Eric did an exceptional job and was always on time with any commitment he made to our company. We will continue to use Eric as a part of our marketing team. Best Wishes Eric!”
– Clifford Lynch, Real Estate Developer, San Fransisco

“Eric is very prompt with communication and creativity. His team will take your vision and make it a reality. I am grateful for fellow creatives to make art that is worthy of excellence and out the box. Thank you for helping my dreams become a vision of precision and creative originality.”
– Law Artist, Singer and Composer, Los Angeles

“I received an exquisite graphic piece from Eric that was tailored to my music brand. The graphic quality, use of color, 3D effects, and overall theme of the piece I received was excellent and one of the most professional graphic works I have ever gotten made. My team and I are now using the piece as a promotional tool for my social media and business as a brand. I highly recommend Neuroplastic Studios for graphic design, 3D art or avatar work, I am really impressed and feel like my brand will be enhanced once I launch the graphic work I received.”
– Nequita Russell, Singer, Toronto Canada

E-mail us at staff@systematicfashion.com or call Eric at (1647) 996-7480.